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Our Purpose

Establishing trust with farmers in Indiana and our neighboring states through a consistent and predictable experience is important at Roka Hemp. For many farmers, hemp is now their sole focus, or an essential secondary product, and establishing a healthy and mature crop is critical to their success.  Farmers entering the industrial hemp market for the first time will need to make informed decisions on which hemp variety they should grow.  We'll help you pick the right strain for your desired end-product, provide strains that are acclimated to our growing region, and resources to adhere to state and federal regulations. 


Why Roka Hemp Clones?

Our hemp clones will express the same genetics and phenotypes because they are taken from the same mother plants right here in our Indiana organic farm.  A clone is always the same gender as the mother plant that is was cut from, so you don't need to worry about male plants that have lower amounts of CBD. 


Our genetics were selected based on a variety of factors to be the best performers in your field.  A strong cannabinoid expression is important, but plants must also possess proven field structure characteristics to make planting, growing, and harvesting at your farm a success.  Clones must be able to support dense buds several weeks into flower, and sustain wind and inclement weather.  


As with all genetics, you must still follow best practice grow guidelines, and test early upon initial flowering or else THC levels will rise.! 


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