Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Entry Point System ?

Entry Point System is a powerful trading indicator that can be added to any chart on platform. Entry Point System consists of two indicators: 1. Trend Detector Screener determine trend direction on the lower, current, and upper timeframes(For example if you look at H4 chart, H1 is a lower timeframe and D1 is higher timeframe) Trend reversal begins from lower timeframe (lower stripe) and after that may appear on a current and upper timeframe (middle and upper stripe) Ideally, we need the trend direction on all timeframes to coincide with the direction of the signal. As you know, the trend is your friend :) 2. Entry Point Indicator generates signals based on volumes and market volatility

Can I test Entry Point System before subscribing?

Yes! You can test all the indicators from Entry Point System for free for 7 days. Contact our support team and they will provide you a trial access. Email:

How do I setup email alerts?

1. Go to tradigview account 2. Select trading chart and timeframe 2. Click on Set Alert icon on the right side (Alt+A on keyboard) 3. Select following option options: 3.1. Condition - Entry Point Indicator 3.2. BUY/SELL 3.3. Options - Once Per Bar 3.4. Select Send Email 3.5. Click on Create button

How do I get an updates?

All our indicators will be frequently updated with new functions and improvements. You will get all updated indicators automatically to your tradingview account
The changelog can be found on Tradingview.

How can I subscribe to Entry Point System?

On Plans&Pricing page you can choose the subscription and the duration that you prefer. You can renew your subscription monthly or yearly.

Can I cancel or switch subscription?

Yes! You can cancel or switch subscription whenever you want from "My account"

What can I do with Entry Point System?

* See changes in trend, and the likely direction of a given market * See recommendations on your chart when to Buy and when to Sell a given equity, currency, crypto or commodity * Build a notification system across any market, ticker or index

Do I Need A Premium Account On Tradingview?

Entry Point System are not required to be a premium user on Although we highly recommend subscribing to their premium membership. Free users will still be able to use the tool, but are limited to the alerts that can be established.


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