Our Genetics -USDA Compliant

Roka Hemp selects and provides premium hemp genetics that will be top performers in your field. We go beyond plants that simply have high cannabinoid content, and provide plants that also possess field structure characteristics that will make your planting, growing, and harvesting a greater success. 

Feminized Eclipse (CBD)

Genetic Specification

  • Total THC Content:  Non-Detectable at Maturity

  • Total CBD Content: 13-19%

  • Planting Density: 1,800 - 2,200

  • Flowering Time: Early to mid-October

  • Terpenes: Floral, sweet with notes of citrus

  • Heavy yielding

  • Mold/mildew resistant

  • Ideal for Machine Trim

  • Low leaf-to-flower ratio


This variety is USDA Compliant.  It is early to mid-finishing with heavy flower yields.  This variety is incredibly stable in its 9th Generation of breeding.  This genetic will allow the farmer to let the plant grow to maturity to fully recognize the biomass and flower production available.  Therefore, the return on investment as well. 

Black Label (CBG)

Genetic Specification

  • Total THC Content: .17%

  • Total CBG Content: 17-19%

  • Planting Density:  2,000 - 2,500​

  • Flowering Time: Late September to Mid-October

  • Terpenes: Brightness, Limonene, Earthy, Haze


Black Label CBG hails from a powerful  lineage and has an extremely high CBG  content, with very low potency levels of CBD and THC. The seeds are early to full term and  the plant is easy to grow. With hints of  brightness and citrus, Black Label is an  enjoyable way to consume CBG.


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